About Us


About Us

Welcome! We are so glad you are visiting our website today and hope it will give you a glimpse into our vibrant and growing church community.

Founded in 1864 when San Mateo was a little village of 400 people, the Congregational Church has grown and evolved with this dynamic region.

We are on a journey of transformation, and we are a caring, diverse spiritual community. We create this community through worship services, an outpouring of programs and activities for children and youth, social justice endeavors, choirs and music ensembles, book groups and adult studies, social activities, affinity groups, outreach trips to places like New Orleans, and local community outreach programs.

Spiritually and theologically we are learning to become progressive Christians. That means that we believe that there is a way to be an authentic Christian, while also deeply honoring the truth in other religions, and remaining open to the insights of science and contemporary knowledge. So we are characterized by a practice of open-mindedness, a delight in diversity, a passion for justice, and a love for God manifested by our care for one another.

While proud that our church has strived to manifest the love of God and gathered as a community since the nineteenth century, we are now focused on what it means to be a church today. That is, we are an historic congregation ever on a journey. We continue to evolve as we explore new and relevant ways of bringing God’s transforming power into our lives.

One thing we’re pretty clear about. Our faith calls us to action in service to others. We know that love is always concrete. God has no hands but our hands, no feet but our feet, no face but our face.

The Congregational Church of San Mateo opens its doors to you. We are an Open and Affirming congregation. Every week in our worship service when we say, “Whoever you are, wherever you are on life’s journey” — we mean it! Come and experience it for yourself.