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Church School and Godly Play

Sunday Mornings at the
Congregational Church of San Mateo

Our Church School is committed to the moral and spiritual development of our children. Through Bible stories, music, worship, crafts and social justice projects, we strive to pass on the historic Christian faith — our legacy of love — to the next generation. Our Church School is based on these principles:

  • It is possible to grow in the Christian faith without indoctrination or dogma. We trust that an open-minded, progressive approach to scripture and tradition can inspire a love of God.

  • By learning about the life and ministry of Jesus, children are given an example of compassion, justice, faith and love that will guide, inspire and enrich their own lives.

  • Social justice is an integral part of the Christian faith, not merely a by-product. We believe when our children learn about the state of the world and its most impoverished, they are becoming Christian in a most basic sense.

Along with our Church School, our entire church seeks to be a safe, fun and nurturing community.

Pastor Laura Barnes and Michelle O'Brien are very excited about exploring sacred stories together through activities, games, and wondering together. Godly Play is a highly interactive and theologically based approach of teaching and learning. This learning method invites the children to listen to the stories and to begin to articulate their own beliefs in response to the open ended time of wondering that follows story time. The art response time, shared feast and closing prayer moments are also ways in which we provide ways for our children to explore their own innate sense of the Divine.

Children's Choir

Sunday Mornings, Youth Room

Delightful musical mornings with Julie Berk, Children's Music Director!

Children, ages 4-8, meet upstairs in our Christian Education Building from 9:45 to 10:15.

It's fun and joyful. Please come!