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Prayer Requests

Send us requests for your prayers.

Congregational Care

At the Congregational Church of San Mateo, we recognize everyone as a part of God's family. Taking care of the family is a very important part of our ministry. To learn more about the ongoing care ministries at CCSM and how you can become involved, please contact Rev. Jerri Handy, Minister of Congregational Care and Counseling by calling CCSM at (650) 343-3694, or email jhandy@ccsm-ucc.org.

Hospital Visits and Home Visits:
When a member of CCSM goes into the hospital or is confined to home, we would like to know. We will coordinate visits by ministers, staff and church friends as appropriate.

Joys and Concerns
To share a joy or ask for prayers of healing or comfort in the Sunday bulletin or our newsletter, The Pine Tree, fill out a blue card on Sunday, or contact Jerri by phone or email during the week.

Prayer Request Cards
In the Sanctuary pews you will find a blue bi-fold card. There is a place for confidential prayer requests. Our staff prays each week for all these written requests. Staff will follow up as well, if you include an e-mail address or phone number.

Support Groups
From time to time as a need arises we offer support gatherings. Call or email us if you perceive a need.

Pastoral Care, Counseling and Spiritual Reflection
If you are new or would like help in discerning which minister might best serve your situation, contact Rev. Jerri Handy. She is also available for ongoing counseling needs.

Care, Fellowship & Welcome Ministry Team

The members of this ministry coordinate many of the care and outreach activities in our church community.

  • CDs of the Sunday Service to be mailed to folks who can no longer get to church or as requested.
  • Delivery of Poinsettias and Easter plants to church members who would benefit from some extra connection with the church during Christmas or Easter.
  • All Church Christmas Caroling coordination to ensure that all the folks who can't get to church receive a personal Christmas Greeting from the congregation.
  • Noteworthies, a group that meets seasonally to send cards and notes of encouragement to the home-bound for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, and Easter.
  • Receptions for church held memorial services.
  • And much, much more...

Connect and Care Team

Members of our church family visit and phone calls to other members who can no longer make it to church or who just need a friend from time to time. Please contact Jerri if you would like to be a part of this important ministry.

We celebrate our joys, share our grief, reach out for healing, and comfort each other as a church community.