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Stewardship 2014 -- Cultivate Our Future

Dear CCSM Beloved Community

During fall, we have been thinking about what it means to "cultivate our lives." Cultivating the rich soil of our community means creating the right conditions for sustainable growth in the future. We have no idea who will walk through our doors and how our extravagant welcome and progressive Christianity will impact them.

In 2014, we will celebrate our 150th anniversary! We enjoy a vibrant and meaningful community today because for the past century and a half, faithful people believed in cultivating the future. We stand on their shoulders as heirs of their legacy and beneficiaries of their generosity. All of them did their part believing that what they did mattered. And we can attest that it absolutely did matter.

Now it is our turn. Our stewardship theme this year is Cultivate Our Future.

At the Hour of Visioning last month, we began to dream about what it might look like for CCSM to be a spiritual "hub" on the Peninsula, a place where people are inspired in their everyday lives to be change makers in their sphere of influence (check the website for a full report on the visioning outcomes).

You'll be receiving a stewardship packet at church or in the mail, as well as by email, and the whole packet will be on the website so you can make your pledge online.

Below you'll be able to view a short video I created about our past and future. I think you'll enjoy it! Please think about what change you can make by being part of this community and by giving to this community as you consider your 2014 pledge.

2014 Stewardship Packet

We encourage you to read our 2014 Stewardship Packet to learn more about our church's incredible growth, our 2014 objectives and the pledging process at CCSM.

Pledging at CCSM involves just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Decide how much to pledge in 2014 and let us know by printing out and returning a pledge card.

2014 Pledge Card

You can deliver your pledge card or pledge to church administrator Pearly Masters in the church office anytime.

Step 2: Decide how you'd like to make your pledge donations.

There are two ways to donate: traditional and electronic.

Traditional donations: As always, you can donate at our weekly services during the offering, you can donate using your bank's bill pay system (just as you would pay any bill) or you can mail or drop off your donations directly in the church office.

Electronic transfers: This year, we're encouraging you to "go green" and authorize automatic, electronic transfers from your banking account or credit card. You can do this in the following ways:

2014 Stewardship presentation:

Cultivate Our Future

If you have any questions, please email Jim Lindsay, SFO Chair, or Pearly Masters, Church Administrator.