2016 Stewardship

Stewardship Letter

What is a Pledge?

A Pledge is a spiritual commitment to giving of our time, talent and treasure, and it is based on our belief that we give because we receive. Pledging gives us a chance to assess our priorities in a planned and thoughtful way, and allows us to align our giving with our values.

A Pledge is a voluntary statement of your annual financial commitment upon which our church bases its expenditures, makes its plans and builds programs around our three fundamental priorities: (1) voice for progressive Christianity, (2) dedication to social justice and outreach and (3) deepening understanding and growing beloved community.

How Much Should I Pledge? The first step is to ask God in prayer: How much am I being called to give? How am I being asked to respond to spirit’s call in my life? Giving is a spiritual practice. Many pledgers begin with an estimated percentage of their incomes, which seems significant and responsible for the year, and later embark upon the spiritual discipline of gradually increasing that percentage over time.

As a frame of reference, here are some statistics from last year’s pledging. 
231 pledging units (unit = family)
Total pledges: $573,000 (record high!)
Average annual pledge $2,527

How to Submit Your Pledge (what you plan to give in 2016)

In order to accept your pledge at CCSM, we need to obtain or create a record of the pledge. There are a number of ways that you can do this:
1. Online. Create an account in myCCSM, login and go to Giving>My Giving History>My Pledging History. Click on “Add a Pledge”. Enter the dollar amount you’d like to pledge for 2016. Select Operating Fund. Choose the frequency of your gift. Select the giving time frame: January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016. You can click save or, for your convenience, you can click save and set up an online one-time or recurring gift. Your pledge will immediately be recorded and viewable in your Pledging History at myCCSM.

2. Email/Phone. Contact Pearly via email at pmasters@ccsm-ucc.org or phone (650.343.3694) to discuss your pledge with her directly.

3. Pledge Card. Print out and return a Pledge Card  to Pearly Masters, our Church Administrator, at the church office or send it to Pearly via email at pmasters@ccsm-ucc.org or regular mail (225 Tilton Ave., San Mateo, CA 94401).

Here is a downloadable pledge card for you to return by email, mail, or in person.

Pledge Card 2016

There are two ways to actually contribute to your pledge: traditional and electronic.

Traditional donations: As always, you can donate at our weekly services during the offering, you can donate using your bank’s bill pay system (just as you would pay any bill) or you can mail or drop off your donations directly in the church office.

Electronic transfers: This year, we’re encouraging you to “go green” and authorize automatic, electronic transfers from your banking account or credit card. You can do this in the following ways:



If you have any questions, please email Jim Lindsay, SFO Chair, or Pearly Masters, Church Administrator.

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