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International Partnership

Currently, CCSM supports three projects in Africa — one in Zimbabwe, one in Mozambique, and one in Sudan. We are also supporting a new project in Nepal.

How do we choose what projects to support with so much need in the world? These partnerships all have personal connections in our congregation. People have personal relationships with the people in these countries who are doing the work of compassion, peace and justice.

The part we play is a small one, but it is a part. It makes a tangible difference in people’s lives, and it is an expression of our belief that we are all inter-connected.

Take some time and explore the projects below: If you would like to donate to any of these partnerships, you can simply write a check to CCSM and put the name of the partnership in the memo.

David and Jacob: Sudanese Refugees

We Are Making a Difference.

David and Jacob

David and Jacob Kur are orphans from Southern Sudan who grew up in a refugee camp. The boys have said they are focused on one thing: getting an education. They say they understand that the future of their country depends upon the education of its citizens. Due to many years of war, there are almost no schools in the villages of Southern Sudan. Until new schools are built, the only option is to go to a nearby country.

Thanks to the support from our church’s Ministry of Mission, Service and Justice (MSJ), David and Jacob are now attending schools in Kampala, Uganda. For over two years now, our church, through MSJ, has paid for tuition, books, uniforms and other expenses for the boys. They are doing well and are appreciative and grateful for our help.

Habitat for Humanity Mozambique

CCSM has a special relationship with Habitat for Humanity in Mozambique. One of our church members, Andrew Lind, has worked for Habitat in Mozambique for the last four years. His passion for making a difference in the world and his dedication to Habitat is apparent when you meet and speak with him. Andrew is presently the house-building coordinator in Maputo. He has been the driving force in obtaining a $2 million grant from USAID to build homes for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in Mozambique. They are now building in three communities: Massaca, Chimaio and Nampula, and expect to build over 600 homes this year.

We have been touched by the stories and pictures of children and their families in Mozambique. In 2006, CCSM raised over $9,000 to assist in the Mozambique house-building project, and we hope to continue this relationship.

To learn more about this please go to http://www.habitat.org/intl/ame/138.aspx

Mother of Peace Orphanage — Mutoko, Zimbabwe

Mother Of Peace Zimbabwe

Click here to download the Mother of Peace flyer



Melodie’s Nepal Testimony

Whoever you are, wherever you have come from, wherever you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.

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